Jacques Guetta

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jacques Guetta has recently embarked on a period of world travel and study of photography. He balances his pursuit of new subjects and experiences with a commitment to learning about environmental protection and renewable energy as it manifests across the globe. Having developed a love for the ocean during his childhood, in Los Angeles Jacques Guetta feels particularly passionate about preserving marine ecosystems.

Jacques Guetta has actively supported and volunteered for WILDCOAST, which works toward the conservation of more than 17,000 acres of protected marine ecosystems across Southern California. He has attended a number of WILDCOAST fundraisers and hopes to one day speak out for the environment in a public way himself.

In his free time, Jacques Guetta enjoys listening to jazz music. He loves its free-form structure and the improvisational qualities that make it unique as a genre. He is an avid surfer both recreationally and as an athlete in competition. Since he began to surf competitively, he has secured multiple wins.